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Our Sponsors List contains the names of the our local businesses, large and small, commercial, industrial, educational, non-profit organizations and private donations, among others. These Sponsors unselfishly lend their support and financial assistance to enrich our community. Click on Sponsor's name, as instructed below, and you will be connected to Sponsor's web page.

Benefits Accruing to your Post's Sponsors

Advertising on our American Legion Post 35 Web Page enables you to reach veterans, their families and friends throughout the community. The Goodwill you receive, showing your love of country, family and community by supporting all veteran organizations result in untold goodwill, benefits and new business.

Interested customers who click on your listing will be connected directly to your own e-mail or web page enabling you to communicate your products/services to your utmost advantage.

Create your own advertisement, complete with photos , and we will run a feature story once a year highlighting your organization and/or services.

The small, tax deductible donation of $100 per year entitles your listing to be displayed on our web site for an entire year generating goodwill and new business. 100% of donations acquired will be spent within our community for refurbishing our 106 year old post, the "Lynch Anchorage", and such other activities such as support of the Wounded Warrior Program, American legion Baseball, and American Legion Oratorical Contests.  

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