Junius F. Lynch Post 35




Executive Committee 
The Executive Committee is the Post Commander’s action arm, a pool of Post Legionnaires, elected and confirmed by the Post, who are willing to go above and beyond regular membership to advance the principles and projects of the Post. 
Maintenance Committee
A behind-the-scenes and vital group of hard workers who care for the Post.  Officially led by Ed Kirscheimer and supported by others, they do the work to keep the Post ship-shape.
Food Services Committee 
The Food Services Committee is part of the responsibilities of the 2nd Vice CDR, who is in charge of “good times” for the Post.  Members consist of past 2nd Vice Commanders, the Quarter Master, and those Executive Committee members who want to participate in the planning of the meals and related events.
Jr. Law Cadet Committee
In support of the annual Jr. Law Cadet Program, the committee contacts local high school guidance counselors for candidates, juniors, who have an interest in a law enforcement career.  They are nominated and sponsored by a District Post who pays for a week in July at the State Police Academy to learn the basics of modern law enforcement.  
Oratorical Contest Committee
In support of the annual American Legion Oratorical Contest, the committee has in the past sponsored local high school students willing to compose and present short 10 and 5 minute speeches on the Constitution. 
Nomination Committee
Assigned by the Commander to scope out the next year’s Officers and Executive Committee, the group is the behind the scenes negotiators for the current leadership position in the Post.  Normally a former Post Officer and a mall group of interested Comrades, they normally are designated by February to be a search committee to identify and present the proposed slate for review and voting in May, for swearing in in June and action for the new Legion Year in July.
Golf Committee
Originally formed in 2009 and co-chaired by Comrades Royce Jones and Johnny Brown, the Golf Committee plans and conducts the annual golf tournament to raise funds for building maintenance.  The proceeds from the tournament are the Post's largest source of annual maintenance funding.  Money is raised by entry fees, $100.00 hole sponsorships, $500.00 and $1,000.00 corporate sponsorships, raffle tickets, and various games on the course.
      The Committee are all volunteers and reforms on an annual basis each January.  Positions are Chairman, Budget and records, Treasurer, Hole Sponsor Czar, Draw gift Czar, Publicity, Business arrangements, Trophy procurement, Worker Coordinator, Team Registrar, Thank you Committee and as many adjunct workers as possible.
Irish Brigade
In support of American Legion High School Baseball and the Post 35 Building Fund The Irish Brigade throws a Saint Patrick's Day party at the Post to raise money for these two funds.  The funds raised by the Brigade are split 50/50 between baseball and our 110 year old post building.  Each team member must contribute $200.00 to play each year.  The Irish Brigade's goal is to eventually eliminate the fee for the players.
      The Brigade reforms each year with a chairman and volunteer committee to sell advertising from sponsors in the form of a program.